Apr 12, 2012

NYT Opinion Column About the Egg Industry

Nicholas Kristof - who write on many topics for the New York Times, just wrote an opinion column about eggs and the egg industry - in the light of an upcoming expose to be revealed by the Humane Society.

In that, he describes the observations of an undercover worker at a large commercial egg farm and processing facility, which describes the unsanitary and unsafe conditions at the factory farm.

One thing we do an "modern human beings" is that a lot of us eat eggs, meat and dairy on a daily basis (in fact on multiple occasions in the same day). This is vastly different from the ancient humans who had to literally hunt for food. They got more exercise and their diet was more regulated. Now, we sit around more (like I am doing right now) and we eat more! wow....

No wonder health care  is a huge problem - when prevention is not practiced much but pills and knives (and lasers) are seen as panacea.

Good diet (ie reducing meat/animal product intake to twice a week and increasing plant based food to a higher frequency, coupled with exercise should improve over all health fast enough. If you are asking me for scientific proof - I will just say this - please join the study group - not as a control, but as the study subject! And we'll find out for ourselves soon :)

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