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Nari supervising Videon employees during a team building cooking class

SUN OCT 1 - Cooking Class at Fayettville WV (New River Gorge area)


When: After 5:30pm on most weekdays except Thursday, or after 11 am on Saturday and Sundays.
Where: Based on discussion

A weekday cooking event can start around 5:30pm and go on for an hour, then we sit down for dinner. Weekend classes can be longer affairs involving multiple entrees and are around 2-3 hours.

Potato stuffed parantha (unleavened flatbread) and yoghurt

Dhokla-Avocado Salad - Indo-Hispanic fusion dish

Onion Pakoras with Hot sweet Chai - a classic Indian snack/appetizer

fritters made with edible flowers
Bhajiya - Indian style fritters used as a side dish

Paneer curry with spinach
Entree - Gravy-less palak paneer (spinach and indian farmer's cheese cooked together)

Colorful Avocado sandwich ingredients
Avocado sandwich prep technique

Royal avocado dinner
Avocado egg open faced sandwich

Loving Avocado dinner
Avocado cucumber red pepper sandwich - a Valentine's day lunch special 

* For locations outside of a 30 mile radius from Morgantown, additional fuel charges would apply.

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