Apr 4, 2013

Nutritious Lunch - Steamed Vegetables with Sesame Oil

Steamed Veggie Salad Seasoned with Sesame Oil, pepper and Salt
I had a very simple, but tasty lunch today. Later on, I realized that what I had made was actually vegan. Here goes, I steamed some frozen broccoli, cauliflower (5-6 mins), then added some kale - let that steam 2 mins, then finally added some mung sprouts and almonds to the top of the veggies in the steamer, turned off the heat and closed the lid. 

After a minute, I laid out these steamed items in a bowl - sprinkled some pepper and salt and drizzled some sesame oil and chowed it down fast. Wait, after two bites I also brought out a wedge of lime and squeezed that over this "salad?".

Anyway, the main thing i realized was that it was the first time I had used unheated sesame oil to season vegetables (I do olive oil usually) and the flavor was great! Has anyone else tried that? A picture of what I made with the ingredients in roughly volumetric proportion is attached!

Some of the images are a montage from the following flickr cc users. Many thanks to these users!

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