Sep 3, 2019

Cumin seed and Curry leaf

Disclaimer: These are spices and herbs that I use for my personal wellbeing. I am just sharing what worked for me, an adult Indian male. Effects may vary in your case. This is not a dietary or medical advice.

Today we will quickly go over the benefits of Jeera (zeeraka/cumin seeds) kashayam (infusion) as well benefits of curry leaves (
Murraya koenigii).
cumin seed and curry leaf
Helps me with: gastric issues (bloat), acidity (sometimes). They also say it helps in cooling, all over India people drink jeera water with some salts. I think the general hydration helps more, but I digress.

My Grandma's Recipe:

Dry roast 1 table spoon of good quality cumin seeds without any debris.
Roast on medium heat with light stirring till they sputter. (Takes 3-4 mins max for me)

Transfer to a quart pan, add two cups of water and bring to boil. Let the water level go down to ~1-1.25 cups, then switch off the stove. Add a drop o two of ghee. If you don't have ghee, you can substitute for the fat content with a tiny amount of coconut oil or peanut butter. 

Allow liquid to cool, filter out the infusion. (I use a separate tea mesh strainer, you can use fine cheesecloth for better filtration). Drink it lukewarm where possible. During summer you can drink this over ice, with a squeeze of lemon and little honey.

A recipe that is similar with pics is here

Curry Leaves:

Roast 6-8 curry leaves in half a tsp of hot oil, it will sputter so use a splatter screen, or a partially closed lid. 
Add as a garnish to any salad or curry.

Helps me with: Antioxidant properties, digestive health. They also supposedly help with cholestrol balance, hair growth, kidney health, etc .

Where do you find these? 
1) Cumin seeds: This is so common now that you can find it all regular grocery stores in the spices section. Of course, Indian grocery stores carry larger sized packets. It may be recommended to get certified organic products if you have a concern about the supply chain/contaminant/residue from spraying etc.

2) Curry leaves - US: typically Indian grocery stores in most cities and suburban areas carry these. Ask for fresh curry leaves at the store and they will point it you. In some states like Florida you can even buy a small plant (to grow in warm conditions - aka indoors)
One such link that also discusses some benefits/uses is:  Thanks,  Nari

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