Apr 25, 2014

Places to get Indian Spices in the Penn State Area

There are several places where you can buy Indian spices in the State College area at reasonable rates.

  1. You can buy in small quantities but packaged in comfortable sets of seven as a designer arrangement from "spicetruck". Inquire for prices for custom mixes. 
    spicetruck's spice circle - combo 1
  2. Krishan Indian Store on W College Avenue (closed from 4/18/14 to 4/30/14).
  3. Wegmans has a whole section with Indian, Mexican, Chinese/Thai and other cuisines including both raw materials for cooking and pre-packaged curries and sauces.
  4. Giant has a smaller section but a decent variety.
  5. The Granary on West College Avenue has loose spices. (location). A very nice small store where you can chat with the store employee or the sweet owner
    depending on when  you go!
  6. Weis Markets also had spices as well as ready to eat Indian foods, just ask the store employees! They are quite helpful.
Well, those are the ones I can think of for now. There are also two or three Asian markets in town, one in the Hills Plaza near the wine store. Another behind the Enterprise Car on Blue Course Drive and one more on Allen Street.

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