Jun 29, 2012

Free yoga thursday - done!

That Yoga Stretch Out was Good!

I have been doing some running and pushups/pull ups etc with some of my buddies (as part of a half-Murphy workout). That has been kicking my a$$ and I was also feeling tight in the muscles after the first time around 2 weeks back. I did it a second time this Tuesday and followed up stretching at home on wednesday, then a wonderful free yoga session on Thursday.

The yoga was led by Lila Yoga's Erica Kaufman at Applachian outdoors (fb page). My heartfelt thanks go to both of them. The yoga was led by Erica, assisted by Mark (of Lila yoga) and Deepak of Applachian outdoors facilitated the event. The other staff at work that day at App Outdoors also deserve thanks!

Earlier in the day, I also ran into two yoga teachers from Doug's yoga studio right on Allen St. In State college, there is lot of yoga happening around Allen St and Beaver Ave. There is also lot of yoga opportunities on campus with Penn State yoga club and Fitness Yoga (part of White Bldg Fitness pass). (links to be added soon).

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