Jan 5, 2014

Groupon's Vegetarian Restaurant Deal - Really?

I get a "suggested post on facebook" from Groupon, alerting me to Great Deals on vegetarians restaurants.

This is the teaser picture:

Fine. Nice teaser picture, looks like a great vegetarian entree. 
I click on it, it takes me to Groupon's deal page and this is what I get!!

Really, Groupon? You can't build a query to actually pull up vegetarian restaurants? Instead you go one step beyond to 180 degrees and show a juicy steak? I personally don't care, but it defeats the whole idea of targeted marketing! The picture in the right bottom is ceviche.. fish, which sometimes is forcibly thrust as a 'vegetarian' option in some places, but come one. A fish is a fish.

The deals look very appetizing but Miami is hardly the vegetarian capital of the world. I am not sure if it was facebook or groupon, who did some mistaken targeted advertising and failed at it!

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