Oct 21, 2015

Baked Plantain Chips

Since plantains seem to be super cheap at the local Weis, I have been using them more to get my starches (compared to potatoes). They are 3 for $1 (and that is a typical weight of about 1.5 lbs). Potatoes are $1.29/lb or you have to buy large quantities like 3 lb or 5 lb bags to save. Even assuming the weight lost from skin and the stem ends, the plantains are cheaper.. and I like their taste.

So, on to making crisps/chips.

Plantains (from Hawaii) - Bernie's!
 Preheat the oven to 350 F or 375 F.
Use a peeler and a slicer, or just use a small sharp paring knife. 

Remove some moisture using paper towels or a clean cloth, also sprinkle some salt to remove more moisture

Lay them on a greased cookie sheet. I used coconut oil to grease the sheet. Season with some garam masala powder or dry red chilli powder for some kick.
I placed the sheet in the middle rack of the oven.
Voila, chips are ready in 20 minutes. You could even take them out sooner at 17 mins if you dont want them to char.

Similar procedure, but with spinach. Much lesser time

Crisp spinach is ready for munching. Very low on calories. People do the same with Kale, but I am not a huge fan!

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