Feb 24, 2017

Simply Avocado Toast

A very simple but color avocado based breakfast sandwich (open faced). Add a fried egg to it and you have a near complete breakfast!

1 ripe avocado
little bit of a red or orange bell pepper
half a peeled n sliced cucumber
2 slices rye toast
Optional: Fried egg add on.

Fry an egg in a skillet and keep ready. Toast the rye bread slices. Lay flat on plate. Cut and scoop out avocado fruit, mash is down with a spoon and spread it. Add assorted veggies on to other side.

Fresh Avocado, red pepper, cucumber slices on rye toast.
add salt and pepper to spice it up

This is from a dinner sandwich I made a few days, when I felt like eating breakfast type food for dinner!
Add some spicy salsa to complement it

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