Dec 1, 2017

Ginger Cardamom Chai

I grew up drinking chai (spiced Indian tea with milk). It is made in similar fashion across a wide region from the middle east to the far east.

A pictorial flowchart to making chai. Image credits at the bottom page.
List of ingredients:

2 cups

1 cups
cold water

whole milk OR.. Half cup half and half + water to make up.
2 table spoons
Loose black tea (Red Label or Taj Mahal) or some Darjeeling/Assam varieties
(OR 3 bags
(Sometimes I use Tetley black tea bags- Low mess option, slightly  weaker tea)

1 inch piece
fresh ginger (crushed in mortar and pestle or under a strong wrist)
2 teaspoons
black peppercorns
2 whole
cardamom pods (crushed in mortar pestle –
or use a pinch cardamom powder in a rush)


(OR 5 teaspoons



In a quart pan, add cold waer, spices, ginger and tea leaves. Start heating the water to a boil.

As the water just starts boiling, add the milk. (I microwave the milk to warm to speed up if needed).

if using sugar, you can add sugar directly if everybody has same "sweet" needs.
if using honey or different sweet needs - do not add sweetener here.

*** As it starts to boil again, switch off. Perhaps even move from the heat. This is the step where it routinely spills over, especially if left unwatched or on those glass top/electric stoves. **

Strain through a mesh strainer into cups.

Add honey, stir and enjoy.

Image derived) from my personal pictures and users: wikimedia commons (tea leaves, glass of milk, glass of water), (straining tea), (pepper)

Nutrition Info (Screenshot of my Recipe on MyFitness pal)

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