Jul 20, 2019

Dal - lentil stew - Indian cooking class in Philly

DAL (Dahl)– Lentil stew/soup

Dal with Carrots (Indian lentil stew with carrots)
Red lentils or Moong /Mung beans - 1.5 cups
[you can do this procedure things with canned beans/canned vegetables too]
oil – coconut oil or vegetable oil etc. – 2 tbsp
cumin seeds or powder – 2 teaspoons
coriander seeds or powder – 2 teaspoons
chili powder or thai green chilis per taste
red onions (diced) – 2 medium
roma tomatoes (diced) – 3 medium
Water – 3 cups (usually 2:1 ratio is needed for most lentils. You can use stock to reduce dilution.
Carrots - chopped to 1 inch pieces
Kohlrabi/beans/turnips/pumpkin etc –peeled if needed then chopped to 1 inch cubes
cilantro leaves (fresh or dry leaves) – remove large stalks, rinse, pat dry, chop fine or chiffonade.
lemon (optional) – I medium – cut into wedges, salt to taste.

1.            Wash the lentils and soak for an hour in warm water if needed. (Soaking is needed for some of denser lentils). Alternately, heat water in an electric kettle and then use hot water for cooking lentils.
2.            Cook lentils and carrots in a large pot starting with at least 21/2 to 3 cups for water for each cup lentil.
3.             Bring to boil then lower flame and cook at simmering temperature till lentils are cooked to soft consistency. Some people prefer to cook these in a pressure cooker. You can do that if you are comfortable and well trained to work with those.

4.             In a small pan heat some oil, once hot, add cumin seeds, let them crackle and brown,
5.            Reduce the heat, then add onions and cook them till they whiten or slightly caramelize (personal preference).

6.            Next, add tomatoes and cook till tomato-onion mixure is bubbling lightly and the tomatoes are soft. Transfer entire contents to the pot with the stew and mix well.
7.            Add salt to taste.
8.            Finally garnish with freshly chopped cilantro leaves.
You can squeeze lemon juice just before serving or add to the plate.
Sometimes you can take a short cut, do the seasoning in a pot and then throw everything into it and boil.

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