May 9, 2018

Summer Salad Mandala

Sometimes I lay out food just to appreciate the beauty of colors in various food items.

This was one such example. One of my friends gave me a title after I posted the pic.

Salad Mandala

Foraged addition (chickweed leaves) to a fresh salad. Chickweed  (Latin: Stellaria media) flowers just shown for beauty (I'm not going to eat the flowers, not raw). #wvnativeplant #wildflowers #forestfood#foraging #wildedibles #chickweed @ Morgantown, West Virginia

Apr 19, 2018

SCB Art auction - Fri Apr 20, 630pm Percival Hall WVU

Two of my photo prints on birds from India have been donated to this auction.

White-throated kingfisher, Laughing doves - Gurgaon, India (Jan-Feb 2018)
The Society for Conservation Biology, student chapter at West Virginia University (SCB at WVU) will be holding an art auction this Friday at Percival Hall in the Evansdale campus of WVU.  Details below, ** ticketed event.  WVU parking is free after 5pm on certain lots (link)


Mar 6, 2018

Colorful Egg Omelette by Hari (a friend of spicetruck)

Spicetruck 'fan', a great cook and my good friend Hari Swarup shared his recent breakfast:

two homegrown chicken eggs (locally bought in State College PA), dill, sliced cherry tomatoes, homegrown basil (starter potted plant from Trader Joe's), crushed red pepper
and salt.

Cooked a low-medium heat with ~ 1 tsp butter.
Cooked eggs topped with lightly roasted cherry tomatoes, basil, dill and crushed red pepper flakes. Pic credit: Hari Swarup, State College PA

Mar 5, 2018

Beautiful red velvet Oreo cake. Terra Cafe, Morgantown WV.

Feb 16, 2018

Con-TEMPEH-arary Indian Cooking

Working with Tempeh (the Indonesian fermented soy protein), we made Tempeh-do-pyaza. This was accompanied by a south indian style  okra stir fry (non-slimy), cardamom flavored brown rice and a carrot pudding stewed in almond milk.

Ingredient List for Tempeh Stir Fry recipe:

  • Heat 2tbsp oil in a cast iron skillet, once oil is hot, add the dry spices - Cumin seeds, coriander seeds - let it splutter for a min, lower the heat and add dry red chilies, after lightly smoking them, add the tempeh and cook with occasional stirring, flipping so both sides appear fried.
  • Remove tempeh and set aside in a bowl. Reduce the heat. 
  • Next add remaining oil, add chopped onions, garlic and ginger and stir for 2-3 mins till they brown and release aroma. 
  •  Add carrots and sprinkle some salt, turmeric and cook for few mins, then add bell peppers and also reintroduce the tempah in the skillet and toss around well so it's coated well with the spices and vegetables.
  • Take off heat. Optional - Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro and spritz with lime juice prior to serving (or provide a lime wedge with the dish). 

Jordan working the tempeh!

The finished meal
Some of the appetizers we had prior to the meal

Papads and chickpea-spinach hummus dip

Okra cury
Happy diners!

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