Mar 4, 2013

Revolution in the Egg Industry (Plant Protein)

A new development of plant protein based egg-substitutes brings about the idea of egg-free eggs!

Fast Company, the magazine company for entrepreneurs, also runs other ventures are coexist, co create and co lead. One of those, co.exist, has a neat story on egg substitutes (Beyond Eggs egg-substitute) that can take place of eggs in lot of processed foods that are still consumed in huge quantities (like mayonnaise)

Below are excerpts from the Fast Co.Exist article.

 "Our food system is abysmally broken," says Josh Tetrick, CEO of San Francisco-based Hampton Creek Foods, maker of the Beyond Eggs egg-substitute. "It’s not about the morality of eating animals or not. It’s about the conditions that a lot of these animals are raised in. These hens are kept inside a cage for two years, pumped full of feed and antibiotics, and it’s just cruel. We don’t all have to stop eating eggs. But we should ask if we want to participate in that."

Tetrick’s team has deconstructed the egg, analyzed its 22 special functions, and replicated it with plant-stuffs like sunflower lecithin, canola, peas, and natural gums from tree sap. By all accounts, the substitute tastes just like the real thing--even if it doesn’t look like it. It’s sold as a gray-green powder that you need to hydrate before use.

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