Aug 7, 2014


Using Gits instant dhokla mix, I cheated and made myself a brunch snack yesterday. Dhokla is a steamed dish made from a mixture of powdered lentil flour and rice that is used to make a fermented batter.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 8-15 mins
Garnish and serving time: 5 mins

GITS Dhokla mix
Measuring cups
Flax, Cumin & mustard seeds
Curry leaves or cilantro leaves
Kale or spinach leaves
tomatoes, onions, avocado (optional)
Yoghurt or ricotta cheese
Fresh green chilis

General Write up/Method
With the "instant mix" I believe the fermentation process is paused the material dried to make the powder, which when reconstituted (when added to water again) becomes a quick, ready to use batter.

I used two batches from the same packet. One half I made using the prep and steaming instructions for stove top. I used a metal tray that was pregreased with vegetable oil spray, inside a pressure cooker without the weight. I had the tray stand on a small metal ring and then had water around it to produce steam. I steamed it for 14 mins.

I also cooked a second batch in the microwave in a large glass bowl that was pregreased with butter. I microwaved for 5 mins, then paused, checked and microwaved for another 1.5 mins. Times vary with altitude, power etc, adjust accordingly. I used this site All About Konkan as a reference.

Cooked dhokla being removed from glass bowl

Garnish: I garnished with roasted mustard, cumin & flax seeds and also some sauteed chopped onion, sauteed curry leaves, asafoetida and green chilies (fresh). Finally I sprinkled some fresh tomatoes, lime juice and added plain yoghurt to the side before serving.

This is an excellent vegetarian dish that has a light feeling and can be easily served up as a salad where this substitutes chicken pieces or tofu pieces. you can also add any type of cheese to your salad, but substituting ricotta instead of yoghurt may also work. Just for fun I added up some avocado chunks and kale leaves to make it more colorful.

Dhokla Salad with avocado chunks.

How would you modify your dhokla? Please comment and let me know!

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