Dec 10, 2013

New product launch - spice circle

Currently our online order system is due to technical issues (As of June 25, 2015).
Contact me directly by email at or 814 753 4459

Here is a nifty gift for those of you interested in cooking with spices or just love Indian/Asian spices.
I have other variations of this product (featured in pics) available starting at $15 (+ S&H costs). Contact me directly by email at or 814 753 4459 if you want one of these items which use "eco-concsious spice organizers" aka reuse of cookie tins used once. All the spices are supplied in safe, new, food grad smaller tins.

Also, if you want the outer container in new stainless steel those sets are available for $19.95 + shipping depending on location. Most locations in the lower 48 states of US shipping is ~$ 4.50. Local delivery available at State College PA. Volume discounts available.

with labels
Centrally placed

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