Dec 3, 2015

Spice boxes for Good Cause(s)

I had the honor of leading a culinary adventure showcasing ‪#‎southindian‬ ‪#‎tamil‬ and ‪#‎northindian‬ ‪#‎cuisine‬ at the today. We were fortunate to enjoy a good meal with friends but my heart was saddened by nature's fury at ‪#‎chennairains‬ and innocent lives lost at ‪#‎sanbernardino‬. I have donated some money right now from my Indian account to chennai but I am planning to raise additional funds for BOTH causes (social services in CA and Chennai) through spice box sales. I have lived in Calif and in Chennai and this affects me deeply at a personal level.

Please take a look at the pics to get a general idea. I'm prepping boxes this week and will set up a campaign to order them if you want to buy some for friends and family and help out a good cause.
Contact me directly by email at or 814 753 4459

Here is a nifty gift for those of you interested in cooking with spices or just love Indian/Asian spices.

Other variations of this product (featured in pics) available starting at $15 (+ S&H costs). Contact me directly by email at or 814 753 4459 if you want one of these items which use "eco-conscious spice organizers" aka reusing cookie tins. All the spices are packed in safe, new, food grade smaller tins.

Also, if you want the outer container in new stainless steel those sets are available for $24.95 + shipping (depending on location). I will also throw in additional spices in zip lock bags with these orders!

Most locations in the lower 48 states of US shipping is ~$ 4.50. Local delivery available at State College PA. Volume discounts (if over 3 pieces) available.

with labels
Centrally placed

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